Compulsory Epidemic Prevention Measures


【Compulsory Epidemic Prevention Measures】

The Hong Kong government announced a number of compulsory epidemic prevention measures, which will be implemented at 6pm tomorrow (March 28), including the closing of fitness centers and other public entertainment venues for a period of 14 days.

All VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts Centres will be closed from 4pm tomorrow (March 28) for 14 days and will re-open at 9am on April 12.

If members need to retrieve their personal belongings stored in the lockers, please collect them before 4pm tomorrow (March 28).

All Centres will be closed for thorough sanitize and cleaning after 4pm to prepare for the re-open in 14 days.

Everyone please stay safe and stay strong! VO2 stand with you to fight against COVID-19!