Re-Open on 21 April 2022


April 21st!

All VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts Centres will re-open on April 21st at 9am!

The long wait is over, fitness centers can finally re-open the doors! 

If you haven’t made an appointment with your Personal Trainer for 1-on-1
training yet, please do contact your trainer. As for group class bookings, an
unforeseeable problem was encountered during the restoration of the online
booking system, therefore online bookings for group classes will be available
at 8pm on April 20.

In addition, due to individual instructors failed to comply with the Government’s
regulations for re-opening of fitness centres, a few group classes could not be
resumed in April. We are confident to fully resume all group class categories in May.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Ready! Get Set! See you all on April 21st!

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