【VO2 Strong Comeback! Causeway Bay Centre is Now Open】
To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of VO2 Fitness & Martial Arts and the opening of VO2 Causeway Bay Centre, we are now not just offering promotion offers for new joiners, and even more surprises!
Of course, an even better promotion offer is offered to existing members for supporting VO2 all these years! Please contact your Trainer or Membership Consultant for more details!
You may visit our VO2 Centres in person, or call our respective Centers for details and to register to become a VO2 Member.
Enquiries and Registration ☎️
* Causeway Bay Centre 3955 8050
* Fortress Hill Centre 2603 6188
* Kennedy Town Centre 3611 9561
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⚡ Limited Offer! Take action now! ⚡

Please email: info@vo2max.com.hk for price plans and promotion plans