【Samsung 61st Festival of Sport 】

http://www.vo2max.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/10.5.18-x-fight-clip.mp4 VO2 Fight Team Members Keith and Wai will participate in the X-Fight Fighting Theory match on the 10th May at Southorn Stadium Wanchai. We have prepared 20 free entry tickets for fans to enjoy the match that night. All you have to do is take a video of your combo moves like the two…

【Annual Dinner on 29th Jan2018】

【Annual Dinner on 28th Jan2018】  Dear Valued Members, Kindly pay attention to the opening hours arrangement of the day as attached. Thank you.

【Kennedy Town Re-scheduled – Jan2018】

Kennedy Town Re-scheduled – Jan2018 Dear Valued Members, Kindly pay attention to a slight change of time for Kennedy Town Thursday morning Yoga and Aerial Yoga, have been re-scheduled to 15 mins earlier. Thank you.

【5th World Wing Chun Competition 2017】

【5th World Wing Chun Competition 2017】 Congratulations to our Wing Chun member Charles for winning the silver medal at the 5th Wing Chun “Chi Sao” Competition Training hard pays off

【Pak Lung- World Muay Thai Chartiy Fight 2017】

【Pak Lung- World Muay Thai Chartiy Fight 2017】 Congratulations to VO2 Fight Team Members Jayson for winning the 64kg match WMC Asia Championship Belt, and Ryu Suke for winning the 64kg Pak Lung World Muay Thai Charity Fight Charity Cup. The two fighters will keep training after last night’s fight, to prepare for the match…

【Friendship First, Competition Second】

Previous Next 【Friendship First, Competition Second】 Thank you “Macao-China Kickboxing Federation” for inviting our VO2 Fight Team to participate in the 2017 National Cup – No Drugs Kickboxing exchange match & Guangdong, HongKong, Macau Combat Invitations. #VO2 #VO2FightTeam #NationalCup2017 #Macau #回歸杯 #澳門 #無毒最強 #NoDrugs

【VO2 New Centre Coming Soon】

【VO2 New Centre Coming Soon】 Good news! VO2 Kennedy Town Centre is coming soon! Thank you all for your immense support all along! Stay tuned, VO2 will open up more branches. We will continue to promote health and fitness, and continue to provide professional services

【September Class Schedule (Updates)】

【September Class Schedule (Updates)】 After thorough consideration of members feedback, and in order to maximize utility of your training, we are pleased to inform you that, the September class schedule has been revised. Thank you for all the feedback to help us to provide you with better services. Premium members, please contact our staff for…

【Class Resumption】

【Class Resumption】 Dear VO2 members, The typhoon signal No. 8 was lowered at 1:40pm, all classes will resume from 4pm onwards. Thank you for your kind attention.27-08-2017